Health and Safety

V.I.P. is Committed to Workplace Safety

V.I.P. Home & Yard ensures safe and healthy workplace are a necessity in everything we do.  Our philosophy “everyone including our customers, volunteers and patrons deserve to return from work in the condition/mindset that they started their work day each and every day”.  Our culture is to maintain a safe attitude and promote a safe environment through the awareness and prevention of occupational injuries and illness.

One of the founding pillars of our business is a zero incident culture. We have a  moral, legal, financial obligation and employee stewardship to perform tasks with safety as the number one priority.

Our staff are trained in each task/duty with the safe operational aspect to each piece of equipment.  This training involves but is not limited to First Aid, WHMIS and OSHA as the regulations apply to landscapers.   We believe in training; its repayment is a job safely and efficiently done. We are proud of our  Health and Safety policy and our safety training program that all our employees participate in. It starts at the top and permeates through our organisation. We  would be honored to provide you with a copy of our Health and Safety policy.

We are in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. We routinely (every 90 days) provide a clearance certificate supporting that. We carry 5 million dollars in liability insurance and will provide documentation supporting that as well.

The safety of ourselves and those around us is always forefront in our operations. We would welcome an opportunity to meet with you to discuss any safety concerns you may have whether they be general operational or site specific.

Health and Safety is part of V.I.P. Home & Yard’s commitment to excellence.