Lawn Cutting

We offer lawn cutting services with a edge up on our competition. We routinely (16 Hrs of cutting) sharpen our lawn mower blades. We carry spares with us, just ask us and we would be delighted to show you.

Would you shave you skin with a blunt razor? NO. It is the same for the grass blade, if it is cut with a blunt blade it is more susceptible to disease and infestation and evaporation in the summer drought conditions. We offer the discerning property owner a precision cut that has defined stripes and each cut is a different direction to ensure the grass blade recovers from a grass cut. Would you get your hair cut from the cheapest hair salon or from an aspiring hairdresser?

The single biggest lawn care technique is to cut a lawn taller and with a sharp lawn mower blade.

We go beyond a grass cut and take the time for a “lawn cut” to educate our customers why a “hatchet” grass cut does not offer the best results; sure it may be cheaper short term but longer term it is a self defeating prophecy.

Lawn cutting tip.  1) Mow and bag clippings in the Spring when weed seeds are airborne 2) Mow in the fall before winter to stop weed seeds from germinating 3) All other times mulch clippings 4) Mow high and sharp

If you want a cut above the rest, ask for a V.I.P. cut