Tree Planting

You choose the tree that you want and we’ll plant it. Whether you’re looking for coniferous or deciduous trees, more mature than typical big box store saplings or to fill a void in your yard or garden – we can help. Want some natural shade? A tree and our service can help.

What’s a relatively easy job for us – will save you from a long, back-breaking job. We can hand dig, we usually use a tree spade to cut down on labor costs. What it means for you is that the tree is planted properly and firmly rooted.

Delivery/installation includes excavating a proper hole for the root ball, necessary fertilizers, bonemeal, and extra soil & mulch, as required.

We strive to do whatever it takes to ensure you’re satisfied with your new landscape tree. We want you to enjoying your tree scape for many, many years to come.

Tree Relocating

Already have that perfect tree – but it’s just not in the perfect place? No problem! Help is as close as your phone. Uprooting, moving and replanting your tree… all in a days work for us – no hassles for you. And when the job is done, there will be little evidence we’ve been there… except, of course your tree will be gone (or in a different place on your property). All that, and the services are reasonable and fully insured, too



Tree Blade for tree planting or relocating