Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning, Woodstock, OntarioWe use a light bio-degradable environmentally friendly washing agent to remove the dust and general dirt from the windows. This is accomplished using a (35 ft) telescopic pole to reach the high out of reach windows. The pole is made of a lightweight aircraft-type aluminum telescoping sections. The brush that we use is specifically made by DuPont® and has nylon bristles specifically designed for window cleaning. This revolutionary cleaning advance has not spared the application of technology; it is increasingly used in commercial applications in Europe and the USA. The pole system of window cleaning is more private for you, it stops us having to stand on long ladders or scaffolding on your property. It is also safer for us, given we are working from the ground. All stakeholders are onboard for safety. Once the main grime has been removed we rinse the window to ensure all of the bio-degradable washing agent is flushed away. Our last step is the appliance of science. We use water which was first softened (removes the calcium), then reverse osmosis filtered and finally di-ionized which brings the water to a 99% purity rating. We use a TDS (total dissolved solids) handheld tester; it gives a reading of the total quantity of dissolved solids in our rinse water. The measurement readings are in “ppm” or “parts per million”, the equivalent of “milligrams per liter”. Next time we clean your windows ask what our TDS meter reading is; we’ll gladly let you know. Regular tap water is full of minerals which leave a fine white film on the windows. Dirt, dust and particles cling to this film which over time lessons a windows visual appearance. Our di-ionized water has none of the ions present that cause spotting or streaking as it is so pure (99.9%). There is nothing more satisfying than clean windows, it brightens the whole house and gives it a fresh “house-lift”.


The di-ionized water is completely safe for you, your pets flower and lawn, it’s just super pure. The di-ionized water contains no nutrients or ions; it is not conducive to growing plants although it is completely harmless.