Founder Info

Séamus (pronounced Shea-mus) is originally from Dublin, Ireland. He graduated from the Institute of Technology in Carlow, Ireland with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Industrial Biology. This degree provided him with the theoretical knowledge, understanding, and competency skills necessary to pursue a career in Bio-chemical/Food/Agricultural science. As part of his university program,  Agronomy was a prerequisite.

After his formal educaton, he gained full-time employment at Guinness in their Research and Development department. While working at Guinness, he studied for and was awarded the Associate Member Accreditation from the Institute of Brewing. Part of this accreditation was an engineering module for sizing Breweries.

After Guinness, he worked for Labatt Breweries of Canada in their Research and Development department. From there, he was promoted to the Latrobe Brewery in Pennsylvania, as assistant Brewaster of the iconic beer brand Rolling Rock “33”.  Ask me what the “33” means!

Séamus left the brewing industry after twelve years to become the Plant Manager for a start-up bio-fuels company, IGPC Ethanol Inc. in 2008.

Séamus has a passion for continuous learning. He routinely attends seminars on latest developments in landscape and associated service industry.

With his science based education and career experience, Séamus intends to provide services that utilize the latest technology/sciences.  

The name V.I.P. for his business has a three pronged meaning. 1) Our customers are our Very Important People and 2) Very Important Property and three 3) Very Important Power as we offer solar panel cleaning increasing efficiency.