Irrigation: Design / Install / Service

A sprinkler system is a wonderful addition to a landscape design or lawn care,  if it is designed properly, it is the “aqua-final” ingredient.

Water, when combined with sunlight, nutrients, and oxygen, is what enables plants/grass to photosynthesize and live. When water is plentiful, we rarely give it a thought. When it is scarce, we tend to over water and use too much water. Many people water every other day which, depending on the conditions, may be excessive. Water is a precious resource and with the V.I.P. Eco-Grow™ program, your lawn should become more drought tolerant and use less water.

We can design and install a premium irrigation system for any landscape or lawn to optimize irrigation and distribution of water. We use premium grade commercial components from Rainbird which are the leaders in irrigation. We also use Hunter, Toro and others especially in the retrofit / re-design section of our business.

We will help to set up your sprinklers correctly and advise you on how much water to use in the spring by provding a irrigation system audit to understand how well your irrigation system is working.

In the fall, we offer a complete shutdown where we use an Industrial air compressor (set to 80 Psi) to generate a high pressure, high velocity air flow that pushes out the water out of  your underground water sprinkler system, ensuring the lines do not freeze throughout the winter. We will also leave a label detailing the work has been done and make sure the mains are completely shut off.